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We Are College Bound!

We Are College Bouond

Virtue of the Month: RESPECT

Virtue of the Month: RESPONSIBILITY

4th/5th Grade Files

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Diane Elizondo


Welcome to our classroom!!!  We are a "No Excuses University" school where we are preparing ALL of our students to go to college!!!


No Excuses University Code of Conduct


     At Killybrooke, we take student safety and good student behavior very seriously. We only have a few rules, but these rules apply anytime students are on campus, traveling to and from school, or on a school-sponsored field trip or activity. School staff members, students, and parents all share responsibility for good student behavior. The school has the responsibility to clearly communicate and enforce student behavior in a fair, consistent, and supportive manner. Parents have the responsibility to reinforce the expectations of the school and to help their children become responsible citizens. Students have the responsibility to follow the code of conduct and to make good choices.


Our Code of Conduct

All students will be asked to follow the Killybrooke Code of Conduct.


I will be responsible.

I will be respectful.

I will be kind.



Parent Survey

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Daily Math Homework

Students must continuously review multiplication facts in order to be ready for algebraic equations and geometry.



A  4th and 5th grader that demonstrates this virtue will be honored at our Special Flag Deck!  I will contact parents so that they can hopefully attend this special event.

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