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Welcome to the Killybrooke PTA Website

Introducing the 2016/17 Killybrooke PTA Executive Board:


President: Kristen Karlin

Programs: Aimee Bell

Fundraising: Lisa Ybarra & Judy Mendez

Membership: Brittney Perreira

Treasurer: Carrie Rivera

Financial Secretary: Brandi Leger

Recording Secretary: Lauren Williams

Public Relations: Liz

Historian: Kaitlyn McCarty

Room Parent Rep: Iris Rojas

Auditor: Holly Miller


PTA membership is available throughout the school year.

The PTA is a volunteer organization with membership open to everyone: parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers and students.

The PTA would like to thank our wonderful parent community for all of their support during the past school year. Your support of PTA and its fundraisers made it possible for all Killybrooke students to enjoy some of the following enrichment programs and assemblies (in addition to the excellent education they receive by our great group of teachers).

· Meet the Masters hands-on fine arts education

· Walk Through History programs for 4th– 6thgraders

· Accelerated Math Program

· The Imagination Machine and other assemblies

PTA also donated fundraising money from the past school year to provide technology resources and supplies that will benefit students and teachers. We also strive to enhance our community through fun events such as a Fall Family Night and Lunch with Loved Ones.

The Killybrooke PTA Board has worked hard to bring together a cohesive calendar, fundraising efforts and quality programs for our students for the 2016-2017 school year. Come get more information and offer your input and ideas. New members are always welcome, so please consider attending our next meeting on November 14th at 7 pm in the Killybrooke computer lab.

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